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AIAA Author Kit

Your paper should be prepared according to AIAA Manuscript Preparation Kit. Please note that the paper can be no longer than 11 pages single column because this is a student competition. Masters Competition papers may have up to two student authors and list one faculty advisor as co-author.

Information for authors and a template can be found on the AIAA website, Author Resources.

Registration Count

2014 Counts

AU: 20
FIT: 7
GT: 6
MSU: 41
NCSU: 13 
Tuskegee: 7
UA: 17
UAH: 17
UF: 7
UMemphis: 11
U South Carolina: 1
Vandy: 2

Professionals: 5

Total: 162
9 Faculty, 148 Students


2013 Final Counts

AU: 17
FIT: 5
FSU: 8 
GT: 1
MSU: 17
NCSU: 39
Tuskegee: 3 
UA: 19
UAH: 12
UCF: 6
UF: 22
UMemphis: 4
UMiam: 2
Vandy: 4
Professionals: 8

Total: 169
6 Faculty, 155 Students

2012 Total: 252
9 Faculty, 221 Students

2011 Total Delegates: 228

Presentation Counts


2014 Counts

Undergrad: 16
Masters: 2
Team: 3
Open Topic: 4
Design Team: 4
Community Outreach: 3
Exhibitions: 10
Total: 42

By University:
AU: 11
FIT: 1
MSU: 8
UA: 3
UAH: 8
UF: 6
USC: 1
Vandy: 2

2013 Final Counts

Undergrad: 12 
Masters: 9
Team: 4
Open Topic: 13
Design Team: 11
Community Outreach: 6
Exhibitions: 3
Total: 58

By University:
AU: 10
FIT: 1
MSU: 4
Tuskegee: 1
UA: 7
UAH: 8
UCF: 1
UF: 12
UMemphis: 3
UMiami: 1
Vandy: 1

2012 Total: 60

2011 Total: 53

AIAA Region II Student Conference

hosted by

University of Memphis


2014 Winners

The 2014 Southeastern Regional Student Conference of AIAA was held in Memphis, TN on April 7th - April 8th. The conference included around 170 delegates from 16 universities from within the Southeastern Region. The Student Branch from the University of Memphis was the host for this event.

We would like to congratulate our 2014 Winners for an excellent job! This year's winners are:

Undergraduate Division
1st Place
Stan Powell Prize
Satellite Formation Control using Differential Drag
Sanny Omar
Auburn University
2nd Place Passive Fuel Management and Slosh Abatement in Atmospheric Rocket Flight
Patrick Foran
Vanderbilt University
3rd Place Disturbance Environment Characterization and Design Implications for a Balloon-Borne Active Attitude Control System
John Alcorn
University of Alabama in Huntsville
Masters Division
1st Place Complex Lamellar Helical Solution for Cyclonically Driven Hybrid Rocket Engines
Josef Fleischmann
Auburn University
2nd Place Affecting Attitude Toward Science in Underrepresented Populations of High School Students
Charles Anderton
Mississippi State University
Team Division
1st Place

Design of a Cost Effective Thrust Stand for Introducing Thrust and Impulse
University of Alabama in Huntsville

2nd Place A Long Endurance, Highly Maneuverable, Collaborative, Unmanned Airborne System
University of Alabama in Huntsville
3rd Place Design, Fabrication, and Testing of a Medical Transport Remotely Piloted Vehicle
Auburn University
Regional Design Team Division
1st Place Project DAEDALUS and the Major Tom Launch Vehicle
Mississippi State University
2nd Place Design of a Flexible Wing UAS
North Carolina State University
3rd Place (Tied) The University of Alabama Hovercraft Design Team
University of Alabama
3rd Place (Tied) Dynamic Response of a Super Sonic Sounding Rocket
North Carolina State University
Freshman/Sophomore Open-Topic Division
1st Place New Training Methods of the UAH Space Hardware Club
Nathanial Long
University of Alabama in Huntsville
2nd Place A Jetliner for the Future
Matthew Schwartz
Florida Institute of Technology
Community Outreach
1st Place MSU Space Cowboys Outreach
Mississippi State University
2nd Place (Tied) University of Florida AIAA Community Outreach
University of Florida
2nd Place (Tied) UAH AIAA Community Outreach
University of Alabama in Huntsville